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NOBCChE Science Academy Info Night Success

NOBCChE has partnered with Westlake Middle School in Oakland California and Eagle Village to develop a STEM academy that seeks to create a pathway for Westlake students to complete college with a degree in the sciences. Students will learn about STEM subjects and receive coaching and mentoring to prepare them for Science Bowl and Science Fair competitions from local NOBCChE University and Professional chapters. Westlake Middle School is the first school in the pilot program. The pilot will officially launch in January 2016.

NOBCChE Academy Big Reveal and Family Info Night

On November 4, NOBCChE, Westlake Middle School, and Eagle Village reached the first

milestone in ensuring that the "big reveal" to the Westlake community was a huge success. There was a strong turnout of over 30 sixth-grade families. Before the meeting, students and some parents were engaged in the hands-on projects led by science teachers, Mr. Perez and Ms. Prime-Lawrence. For a moment, the team was unsure they would be able to lure some of the students away from the experiment tables and into the library to learn about NOBCChE Academy.

During the meeting, Westlake Principal Misha Karigaca drummed up excitement for this new science academy and Dr. Jon Ashby, followed up with a great presentation on the history, mission, and goals of NOBCChE. All in all, tonight's event shows that the NOBCChE Academy Pilot is off to a great start. Parents are engaged, asking lots of good questions, and demonstrating real interest.

For more information on the NOBCChE Academy Pilot, download the brochure or send an email to

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