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Moving the NOBCChE Strategy from Words to Actions

Can you believe that we are halfway through the first quarter of the year? I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and that 2016 is off to a great start.

For NOBCChE, it was a busy 3rd and 4th quarter with the transition to the new administration, launching our new website, planning and executing our 42nd conference, finalizing the information for our 43rd conference, organizational strategic planning, developing new national programs, and ensuring that we end 2016 in a fiscally strong position. We are also implementing a flurry of changes to our organizational infrastructure and practices and gearing up to launch some exciting initiatives. So as we continue to move the organization forward, I encourage you to visit our website, subscribe to the NOBCChE e-brief, visit the President’s Corner, and follow us on Social Media to ensure you are up to date with the latest exciting developments. If you would like more detail, join me live for our first ever Virtual Townhall on February 23, 2016

Moving the NOBCChE Strategy from Words into Action

When I spoke about the vision for NOBCChE at the 2015 conference, I stated that we are embarking on a journey of transformation to enable NOBCChE to fully execute our mission and realize our vision. This journey will allow us to be recognized as a high performing organization (HPO) that can be counted on to develop and advance its members and enhance the communities we serve. Our NOBCChE Strategy gives us focus on the journey and will drive our thinking and actions in the years ahead. Visit to learn more about the 5 strategic pillars that will enable our mission and the aggressive implementation plan.

The aggressive nature of our plan means we are working in ‘real time’ to define and execute the detailed implementation strategy. As I outlined in September 2015, we are committed to our core values and we will focus our efforts on remaining transparent, keeping you informed about the decisions that are made on behalf of the organization, and providing clear paths for you to get involved. With this commitment in mind, I would like to provide a quick update on our progress, plans for the remainder of the fiscal year, and changes in the organization. I will discuss this in more detail during our first ever Virtual Town Hall on February 23, 2016

Update on our Progress

It has been just over six months since we transitioned to a new administration, and in that time we have seen a fantastic level of dialogue around the future of NOBCChE across our network. Alongside this, my senior leadership team and I have been working closely with our board chair, Malinda Gilmore and the NOBCChE Board to shape our priority initiatives and develop a strategy roadmap. This included a two day workshop in Cincinnati and another full day workshop in Alabama. We recognize that we still a have a long road ahead of us on our journey to becoming a high performing organization. With the help of wonderful and extremely talented set of volunteers, we are covering a lot of ground. Below is a list of some the key achievements so far:

3Q 2015

a Launched the new NOBCChE website

a Agreed on the core values and operating principles that we will leverage in order to prioritize our strategic initiatives, and outlined our strategic plan

a Executed the 42nd annual conference (click here to read the final conference report)

4Q 2015

a Launched a pilot for NOBCChE Academy at Westlake Middle School in Oakland, CA

a Through aggressive and disciplined fiscal management, NOBCChE ended 2015 with a positive revenue stream and is on track to meet our financial targets by the end of 2Q 2016.

1Q 2016

a Website launch for the Office of the President

a Open NOBCChE Go-Live on March 1, 2016

a Established the President’s senior leadership team (announcements coming in March)

Plans for the Remainder of the Fiscal Year

  • Full roll out of the key Presidential Initiatives

  • NOBCChE Leadership Institute and Mentoring Program

  • NOBCChE Listens

  • Launch of NOBCChE iServe: A national database ofvolunteer opportunities in NOBCChE

  • NOBCChE Fit

  • NOBCChE Legacy Campaign

  • Regional Rev Up 2016: Our Strategy to Rebuild our Regions

  • NOBCChE Annual Report and Financial Audit

  • More NOBCChE Partnerships

Changes in the Organization

Joining the NOBCChE Volunteer Leadership & Staff

  • Membership Chair: Dr. Alicia Bowen Cheeks

  • Communications Director: Dr. Felicia Fullilove

  • 2016 Conference Chairs: Dr. Iris Wagstaff and Dr. Brian Mosby

  • NOBCChE History Council: Dr. James Tarver

  • Assistant Treasurer: Gabriel Draper

  • President’s Senior Leadership Team (Announcements coming in March)

  • NOBCChE Student Rep (Announcement coming in March)

Thankful for their Service

  • Ella Davis, NOBCChE Treasurer: Effective December 31, 2016, Ella Davis stepped down as treasurer of NOBCChE. Ella served in this capacity since January 2014. Prior to this role she served the organization in various capacities as a board member, a member of the STEM education committee, and as national president. It is because of her steady hand and leadership that we were able to end 2015 on track to meet our financial targets for FY 2015-2016. We are so very grateful for all that she has done and continues to do for NOBCChE. During this transition, Vice-President Kemal Catalan will serve as interim treasurer. The permanent position will be filled by either special election or during the 2017 election. Visit for updates.

  • Rebecca Tinsley and Siobhan Tarver, Conference Co-Chairs: The NOBCChE conference is critical to our mission as an organization. Using a unique and efficient style of leadership, Dr. Rebecca Tinsley and Dr. Siobhan Tarver, led the 2015 conference and delivered what some say was one of the best conferences in recent NOBCChE history. In addition to driving an excellent conference with record numbers, this year’s conference committee in authoring and delivering Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for future chairs and committees to use. Thank you both for your support and stellar leadership!

You can expect to hear more information about NOBCChE and the progress we are making on our journey during the course of the year. We started the year strong and we will finish stronger. As we move into the second part of our fiscal year, we will need to remain focused on transforming the organization while still performing at a high level. Visit our website for the latest updates.

I am confident that we have the talent, the ambition and the passion to put this organization on the right path and move us one step closer to achieving our vision. If you are interested in helping us move forward, please contact me or visit our volunteer page,

Yours in Service,

Talitha Hampton, President

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers

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