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NOBCChE in Our Community | A Thanksgiving Message to NOBCChE

Dear NOBCChE Family,

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for all of our blessings. It is a time to celebrate those who arrived on this land to seek their freedom. That remembrance gives us pause to reflect on our values and what is important to us and our mission.

On behalf of the NOBCChE board and extended leadership, I extend gratitude to you our members and supporters for all you do to advance the careers of minorities in STEM, your dedication to giving back, and your refusal to give up on our cause in the face of challenges. We value the diversity of our members and the passion that many of you bring to help drive innovation and change in this organization and throughout the world. It is our individual uniqueness and collective mission that we all add value and make an impact each day.

Every day, you, our members demonstrate your ability to "show up" for each other and your community. In doing so, you not only have an impact on your own transformation, but also that of your peers. Below is a small sample of the generous spirit of our members, and why "collaboration" is more than a simple buzz word.

  • Our Georgia Southern University Chapter organized a Coat Drive and hand delivered them​​ to those in need in the Bulloch County Community

  • Students from the LSU NOBCChE chapter not only organized our first annual Joint Annual Southeast/Southwest Regional Meeting (JARM), but they also organized a community gardening event sponsored by our partner, the American Chemical Society

  • Students from the NOBCChE Ole Miss chapter participated in the Big Event, the largest community service project at Ole Miss to serve their neighbors in the Oxford/Lafayette Community

  • The NOBCChE Cincy Chapter organized their first community science bowl to help drive scientific excellence in underserved schools in the Cincinnati area. They also conducted Local Library Demonstrations for National Chemistry Week and participated in a 5K Run for Queen City Foundation

  • Through our partnership with Eagle Village Community Center, NOBCChE is piloting a STEM academy at the Westlake Middle School to serve communities in the Oakland area.

Our members realize that their collective success provides the greatest impact on the value of their brand and the brand of the STEM profession. It is that insistence on our mission, values, and goals that makes NOBCChE such a great organization.

So this week, I am particularly thankful for you, our members and supporters and for all that you do for NOBCChE.

Please enjoy your time with family and friends.

Yours in Service,

Talitha Hampton

NOBCChE National President

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